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Body Treatments

Venus Legacy

The Venus Legacy™ treatments, delivers 100% safe, painless treatments for all skin types, and provides the following immediate and long term results for the face, neck and body

Body Polish

Indulge yourself with this body scrub from our 100% Pure collection: Eucalyptus, Coconut , Blood orange , French lavender. This tropical and exotic body exfoliation creates a sweet, lasting aroma which is spread over the entire body while using massage techniques to stimulate the metabolism, remove dead skin cells, de-congest your pores. Leaving your skin incredibly soft, lustrous, and healthy.

30 Min- $90

Seaweed Slimming & Toning Wrap

This anti-cellulite treatment starts with a gentle body brushing, to remove dead skin cell and open up the pores to allow better absorption of treatment. Seaweed is rich in minerals, vitamins, and enzymes, to unlock the trapped fluids and toxins stored in the tissues to help slim and tone the body. The finest high-grade essential oils stimulate the lymphatic system to remove stored toxins and impurities through the kidney and bladder, improving circulation and hydration. While you are in the warm and comfortable wrap, a relaxing face and scalp massage takes you into a blissful dreamland

60 Min- $150

Seaweed Slimming & Toning Wrap + Refreshing Facial

Seaweed Slimming & Toning Wrap and Refreshing Facial with Aroma hair & scalp treatment.

95 Min- $180

Detox & Revitalize

Seaweed Slimming & Toning Wrap, Refreshing Facial with Aroma Hair & Scalp treatment and 60 min. Detoxifying aromatherapy massage.

135 Min- $250

Scrub & Hydrotherapy Bath

30 Min. Full Body Exfoliation & 30 Min. Shiatsu Hydrotherapy Bath

60 Min- $130

Sense of Self

30 Min. Full Body Exfoliation & 60 Min. Xanadu Massage

90 Min- $160

Scrub, Hydrotheraphy Bath, & 60 Min. Xanadu Massage

30 Min. Full Body Exfoliation, 30 Min. Shiatsu Hydrotherapy Bath, & 60 Min. Xanadu Massage.

120 Min- $210

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