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fall into november

It’s officially November and the start of the holidays is right around the corner. Thanksgiving dinners are in need of preparation, Christmas decorating needs last minute fix-ins, and our plans for New Year’s Eve need finalizing. With all the chaos of the holiday season beginning, now is the time to look your best when you see your family and friends. Transitioning from fall to winter can be a harsh and confusing time for your skin. The cool fall air could be causing dryness and giving a dull look to your skin especially around the face, neck, and décolleté. We rarely pay attention to our neck and the area below it (décolleté) Adding a new treatment to your beauty regime, may be what your skin needs to stay refreshed and hydrated this winter. A Hydradermie Lift Facial is the ideal facial that will help restore and recover aged and damaged skin to a more youthful looking skin. The Hydradermie Lift uses a micro current which mimics the same current that runs through your body. The current is used to contract your muscles creating a healthy and firm face, neck, and décolleté. Beginning treatments should be booked up to 3 weeks before your first holiday event and booked in 6 treatments, once a week for 6 weeks. After the initial series of treatments, a treatment once a month will be needed for maintenance. Please call us at Spa Xanadu 626.821.0687 to schedule your next appointment and be prepared to look your best this holiday season!

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