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Mother's Day Gifting

Revitalize, Refresh and Renew the Mom in Your Life Mother's Day gives you a unique opportunity to spoil your mom. After all, she's the woman who wiped away your tears, put Band-Aids on boo boos, and taught you how to be a good person. Now, it's your turn to return the favor. This year give your mom, or that special woman in your life, a gift that revitalizes. Here are a few refreshing gift options for your mom: A quiet day at the spa Let your mom unwind and relax by booking a day at the spa. Chat with the folks at your local spa to come up with an afternoon full of pampering. Most spas offer a special Mother's Day package that offers several services back to back. Services might include a Swedish massage, a facial, and a pedicure. Who wouldn't feel relaxed after a day like that? A soothing foot massage Maybe your mom is new to the spa world and doesn't want to jump right in. Schedule a nice foot massage for her, followed by a pedicure. It's a nice treat and a great introduction to the spa. Plus, this option is budget-friendly. A girl's day of pampering Get a small group of women together and get a few treatments done together. You might consider group facials. Whether it's a mother-daughter date, or you ask a few other ladies to join you, spending time with the girls in a spa setting is a fantastic gift. Make a day of it. Select a few spa services that everyone is interested in and follow it up with a nice lunch or dinner. Book a massage Give your mom the gift of massage. The most common massage option is a Swedish massage. The techniques used during this kind of massage can ease tense muscles and induce an intense sense of relaxation. Of course, if your mom likes to try something new now and then, you might want to book a Hot Stone Massage for her. During this massage, warm rocks are strategically placed along the body. The heat seeps into the body and does wonders for aches and pains caused by the daily stress of life. Encourage at-home relaxation Put together a collection of items that encourages your mom to relax at home. For instance, put together a nice bubble bath basket. You can include some fun soaps, facial masks, candles, and scented bath oils. If your mom enjoys meditation or yoga, put together a basket of calming goodies, like a yoga mat, incense, and a few pieces of comfortable clothing. If your mom is a reader, combine a few books with some calming teas and a warm blanket for a killer combo gift. These gifts aren't trinkets that your mom will put on a shelf. They are gifts that say you get it. They show that you appreciate her and all she has done. They encourage her to take a little time for herself, which most moms don't do nearly enough. Spoil her this year with a revitalizing spa gift. Lisa Furgison

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